Yep, we could even ask Matthew Dear (aka Audion) for tambourine playing tips. Photo: David G. Jones.

Okay, readers around the world. There’s a convergence of electronic musicians and visualists here in NYC at Minitek this weekend. Here are your choices:

Music lineup
Innovation Day Artists
Visualists for the Innovation Night Lineup

I’ve got myself. I’ve got a video crew. You’ve got, I think, pretty wildly divergent tastes — and many of you aren’t electronic musicians. But I’m curious, which interviews would you most want to read / watch? (I promise we’ll ask probing questions, and we’re not just limited by celebrity, either.)

I’ve never put this out to readers before, but then CDM’s ability to cover events and artists is finally starting to expand to what I’d like. (Not that I ever get tired of talking tech, but I think it’s nice to cover, you know, music, too!) So I’m curious not just what I think but, given your combined experience and taste, what you think. Let us know.

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