Modular Sound by Touch: Usine

Sensomusic Usine Touch Screen Edition by sensomusic Touchable, open-ended, modular sounds and music – it’s an appealing idea. I’d be remiss in talking this week about touch apps if I didn’t mention the free/cheap Windows tool Usine, which has recently made the jump to a touchscreen-optimized version. (Big thanks to alby75 in comments on our […]

Hands-on with Bloom, New Generative iPhone App by Eno and Chilvers

Bloom is a new generative musical application for iPhone and iPod touch, created by Brian Eno and software designer Peter Shilvers. It’s quite simple, but if you’re looking for some soothing musical strains to float out of your mobile Apple device, this is your ticket. At launch, you’re given a choice of either using a […]

- October 8, 2008

Net-Lag: Global Live Streaming AV Performances Tomorrow Featuring CDM, LightRhythmVisuals and more…

Peter and I have been talking about running CDM-curated streaming events for a while, as a way for us to bring together artists from the incredible communities which have coalesced around this little corner of the web. A series of innocent discussions with Jean Poole last time I was in Melbourne seems to have been […]

- October 8, 2008

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