Cheap Gear: The $42 LCD Monitor Review (and Other Inexpensive Visualist Bits)

I’ve recently had another shipment arrive from previously mentioned purveyors of cheap gadgetry, DealExtreme (disclosure: Affiliate links used, if you buy stuff I get a (tiny) cut). Last time I write about the site, I noted that super-useful VJ things such as preview monitors weren’t available. They are now. As you can definitely tell from […]

Media Consumption: VideoThing on Boxee, the Open Social Media Centre

Over at Video Thing, Wiley is espousing the competition-winning Boxee – an open-source “social media player”, based on XBox Media Centre, and running on Linux, Mac, Windows, and in the VideoThing setup, AppleTV: I’ve been using an AppleTV since it was released. A device with great potential (cheap, HD enabled, great integration with iTunes) crippled […]

Jaymis Loveday - October 23, 2008

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