Alan from FoundLight writes in:

I have been using a korg entrancer for the last 4 years as a most essential part of my set up. I was providing the visuals on Saturday night for Dubfire when some clutz spilt his pint all over it… it’s buggered! Do you know of any other more recent device that can do the same job or better (with a sharper output image) that is on the market other than the kaptivator?

Korg’s sadly-discontinued Kaoss Pad Entrancer adds effects, sampling and “scratching” to live video and visuals. It’s a beautifully compact piece of kit, and it looks great in your rig as well, with its colour-changing LED XY pad.

Jaymis on the Vixid and Entrancer
Entrancer: Glowy glowy

Is there anything out there now (or on the way) which replicates these functions? Software is getting closer with high resolution effecting of live inputs, but latency is still not quite there for most setups. Of course, software has the big advantage of not locking you into a particular set of effects: The Entrancer has some fantastic modes, but I only use about a dozen of the 100 presets, the rest being either useless or actively terrible.

So, can anyone help Alan out? Is there still a source out there for cheap Entrancers? Anyone making a small form factor PC-based effects box?