Peter and I have been talking about running CDM-curated streaming events for a while, as a way for us to bring together artists from the incredible communities which have coalesced around this little corner of the web. A series of innocent discussions with Jean Poole last time I was in Melbourne seems to have been turned into somewhat of a juggernaut: Net-Lag.

Tomorrow, Thursday October 9th from 8PM-1AM (Australian Eastern Standard Time), as part of the Melbourne Digital Fringe, Melbourne’s fantastic Horse Bazaar projection bar will play virtual host to a globe-spanning lineup of artists in the inaugural Net-Lag: Vapour Trails.

Net-Lag Vapour Trails

Along with artists from Melbourne, Perth and the LightRhythmVisuals crew in Tokyo, Peter will be playing a breakfast AV set at 9AM New York time (1AM AEST), and I’ll be bringing collaborators Segue into the studio along with a dozen video cameras joined together with the groundbreaking Vixid VJX16-4 video mixer.

The event will be broadcast using the Mogulus live streaming production platform (at, which allows streams from multiple sources to be combined with overlays, live chat, twitter streams etc. It’s a very capable system, and it will be interesting to see how it stands up to the rigors of a multi-continent audiovisualist show. For for set times and lineup details, check out the Net-Lag site.

After spending much of last year traveling thousands of kilometers around Australia in a rock band, I’ve been idealizing web streaming as an alternative to traditional touring. The response to the recent Wesen live streaming session was fantastic, and if this goes well we’ll definitely be looking at putting together future CDM-centric events. If you’d be interested in taking part in future streams hit the comments, and join the fun tomorrow night.