– the iPhone Synthesizer from ToyoBunko on Vimeo. became available on the iTunes App Store this week, with a “pro” app US$9.99.

I’m not going to say too much about it, instead focusing on getting a review done over the weekend. (I still wish there were an easy way to capture video output from the iPod touch / iPhone, but I gather most apps can’t support that. Any tips, anyone?) But this looks like a real soft synth, and not simply a toy with an oscillator:

  • 3 generators + 2 filters + 3 LFO
  • 3 onboard sequencers (with an interesting-looking interface)
  • 6 onboard effects
  • Unlimited presets, plus 9 factory preset banks (81 presets in all)

Lots of hype in the above video, but it sounds great, so here’s my suggestion: just close your eyes and listen. site

Looks fantastic to me. Now, I’d just like a really rich Pd-based set of synths and I’m a happy man.

Incidentally, I haven’t chatted much about the Google Android — largely because, at this point, it still seems a bit early to say much. But while the Android platform does have a Java-based sound engine, to me some of the technical appeal of the Apple tools — developer restrictions and closed nature aside — is that it really is an environment in which you can do serious synthesis. That’s been true of the Sony PSP, too, but only after you hurdle the even-worse anti-piracy restrictions of a game platform.

More soon. If you’ve got it and are making presets, we may set up a place for you to share here.