It seems that it’s the season for subscription web offerings. Last week Peter documented the launch and premium packages offered by SoundCloud. Now CDMo’s favourite web video service Vimeo has just introduced a for-pay tier to their service: Vimeo Plus.

For US$60/year you get a 2GB/week upload quota, HD embedding, priority uploading, more player customization, HD embeds and so on.

Introducing Vimeo Plus! from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

All this comes at a cost, to regular users that is: Non-plus accounts will now only be able to create 1 Group, 1 Channel and 3 Albums, and they’ll only be able to upload a single HD video each week. These kind of limitations are probably familiar to Flickr Pro users.

The CDM Vimeo account doesn’t currently get quite enough uploads to justify this upgrade, but I don’t think it would be surprising to see us go there eventually. Personally, I’m undecided, but I wouldn’t be paying up right now. That doesn’t matter though, because Plus is currently only available to people in the USA.

So, US-ian Vimeo users: Are you going to get that little blue badge next to your username?