Ableton forum members are abuzz on this latest hack for Ableton Live: a specialized plug-in now enables a “bus group” that routes audio to a MIDI track for effects. Now, of course, group folders are a feature present in some competing DAWs, but it’s still nice to see it working in Ableton Live. (And if this is something you’ve wanted to do, I think you’ll probably spot it immediately – whereas, likewise, if it’s not your response is likely to be, “huh”?)

There’s already a free Windows plug-in download. It looks like someone will have to do a Mac plug-in for this to work on the Mac. Thoughts?

gbsr writes:

Basically, it’s a way to get an infinite (or at least until your CPU gives up) [number of] submix track folders, with the ability to show/hide the folders. Take a VST instrument that only has a MIDI input and an audio throughput and rack it up. Send the audio to the midi. Voila.

You can read the whole thread on the Ableton forum:

solved: submix group folders. 🙂

Let us know if you try this out or have other tips. (And if you do this already in another host, by all means, enjoy your bragging rights.)