On Tuesday I assembled a small posse of visualists at the State Library of Queensland to test the venue for our proposed projection mapping setup at the Game On Launch Party later this month.

As with any tech run, we discovered good and bad news. The good: That venue is just as cool as we had expected. The bad: We didn’t have access to the truss we’ll be mounting our projector on for the launch, so “real” 3D mapping isn’t really an option for this project, as we have contributors from around the world delivering content, and our pre-show setup time is extremely tight.

Fortunately, VVVV ninja Kyle McLean came to the rescue with some quick patching which allowed us to identify the most promising surfaces for “2.5D” mapping.

Projection Mapping Test – Game On from Jaymis on Vimeo.

So we’re not going to be able to unleash the full might of our 3D model on the event, but this does mean that content will be a little easier to produce as we’re back to reasonably boring rectangles. Karl Kwasny has also given us some fantastic custom game character illustrations to work with for our animating and remixing pleasure.

Game On Illustrations by Karl

More instructions and links to our models and resources are now online at CDM Labs.

If you haven’t already got in touch with me and you’re now totally inspired and would like to get involved, email gameon@createdigitalmedia.net and I’ll bring you into the loop.