Squarepusher has taken over the music page of the Guardian, and the results bring joy and smiles to children and the young at heart. Just how great is it when Squarepusher is in charge?

Music singles are complete and utter fluff, and he’s not afraid to say so, picking them apart one at a time like an angry, deconstructionist Casey Kasem.

Noise and Italian Futurists get their due. Fluxus is the sort of cinema that accompanies your popcorn.

A gentleman drops by to talk about aesthetic theory, and … uh, something about how great Steve Reich is. Got a little lost on that one, in fact (not that I don’t love aesthetic theory and Mr. Reich).

Squarepusher (and Alex Thomas) demonstrate what music can sound like if you’re a musician. (Note: no fancy delays necessary to make it sound like they’ve got rhythm. Quite unlike when I’m playing, in fact. Well, not that I’m much good with Drum and Bass anyway. That’s real Drum and Bass, you see.)

And best of all, he provides commentary for the above video.

"Sometimes I cave right in." As he walked along the edge of the field, the earth seemed to splinter at each step. A glance along the cold hedgerow hurt his eye. Everything he looked at sent dread through his viscera, none the less sharp for all of its familiarity. Stones underfoot seemed to chatter and sneer, the Luton-grey sky was an idiotic, mocking expanse. He paused at the brook, cold dirty glass. Dull pain accompanied a frame of memory; he had bathed his feet here as a boy. Nearly losing his balance, he said, out loud as if to silence the roaring dead air of the November morning: "That water is too shallow to drown myself in."

The Luton-grey sky was an idiotic, mocking expanse, indeed.

It feels good to hate that video.


Thanks, wesen and Resident Advisor, via Twitter.