Quartz Composer/VDMX tutorial no 1: The bouncing ball from goto10 on Vimeo.

Trying to learn Apple’s free visual patching tool Quartz Composer, useful for making your own filters and simple generative effects?

Or perhaps you’re learning VDMX, the brilliant, semi-modular Mac-friendly visual tool – which also happens to host Quartz Composer compositions as effects or generative sources?

Well, good news for you: readers have a ton of tutorials for both, thanks to some intrepid readers in comments on that fantastic-looking CONTAKT/Richie Hawtin show.

First up, Joris de Jong aka Hybrid Visuals has started a series of tutorials on VDMX and Quartz Composer – two delicious tastes put together. And he points us at some other useful tutorials, too. Some of my favorites:

Possibly the most perplexing concept to wrap your head around in Quartz Composer is the iterator. Iteration in code is pretty straightforward (think “for” loops), but while it’s powerful in a patch, it’s conceptually a bit of a challenge. So it’s great to see Kineme (makers of great QC plug-ins) making sense of it in this tutorial:

Tutorial on Iterators from Christopher Wright on Vimeo.

Shakinda has a look at getting your visuals grooving to the music:

The Irishman’s Guide To Quartz Composer :: Lesson 3 :: LFO and Interpolation from shakinda on Vimeo.

If you just want a starter look at VDMX, check out aeinn’s complete guide, although it’s about time for a beta 7 guide!

Also via comments: Rolin of DecollageTV has put together a terrific list of links in his del.icio.us bookmarks (which I have to admit I hadn’t seen since their redesign – quite nice!)


Got more favorites? Vimeo channels? Other tutorials? Let us know!