There’s a special love among certain Ableton Live users for the Korg KAOSS Pad KP3, Korg’s lovely and capable sampling/effects box. Al, aka DJ Chinkial (see his trippy MySpace page) has a free VST for free as a holiday gift to us all (Windows-only). The basic idea: make a beatbox plug-in for your computer, using the KP3 as outboard controller, complete with visual feedback. (If you don’t have a KP3, you can use any controller, minus the blinkie lights – monome hack, anyone?)

The results are very wonderful: the KP3 becomes a synth drum machine. The only problem: some bugs may yet need to be ironed out, as the plug-in eats some CPU resources and this is a first version.

I don’t have a KP3 to try out that aspect myself, so if you grab it, let us know how it goes. (Your mileage may vary.)

Al writes us:

the info u posted is on one of my first attempts at a vst version of my reaktor beatbox live machine

kaoss64 is a 16 step 64 part sequencer
that triggers the slices of two bar
loops like a sort of rex file player for wavs

oh and if you’d like to try it out
it would work with any old midi controller just wont have the visual interaction

x position is cc10
y position is cc24
pad trig is cc25 but thats just used for visuals

the abcd buttons are the lowest register keys on a keyboard

cheers again and have a good christmas and new year al.


Direct download link Link not working; exceeded bandwidth

Updated: CDM is now hosting the file as kaoss 64.rar

PLEASE don’t link directly to the file without linking to this post! Thanks!

More from MySpace:

kaoss box 1 vst plugin for kaoss pad 3

my vst beatbox for the kp3

pretty much finished this version
4 part synth record
4 part external control mode
for synth parameters
every synth part has 8 faders each
controling lfo adsr vibrato phase mod and somthing else by selecting the
a b c d buttons
in xy pad mode the a b c d buttons
set which synth part gets recorded
pitch for pt 1 2 3 pt 4 is the octave
the drums are 8 part sample players
select a part using the fx depth knob
in external mode
then the 8 buttons trigger the steps
in pad mode
the fx release slider is the shuffle
in extr mode its used for loop size
the hold button