Last month saw an amazing lineup of European visualists performing in Créteil, Paris for the Cinesthesy 1.0 festival.

If you missed the live streaming of this event, or would like to see some of it again, you’re in luck! Les Pixels Transversaux have been posting entire performances (as well as “extracts”) to Vimeo:

SATI@CINESTHESY 1.0 (EXTRACT) from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.

Sati (full version) give a performance which runs the gauntlet between minimalist soundscapes and muted tilt-shift photography, to techy tracks featuring animated vectors and motion design.

WILDBITS (Pierre Mersadier) @ CINESTHESY1.0 (EXTRACT) from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.

Wildbits (full version) puts together 3 acts of beautifully composed 3D feedback effects and crunchy audio.

You can see the full performances and, being hosted on Vimeo, they’re also available for download and later viewing or projection at your own private Cinesthesy night!

It really is fantastic to see live events expanding to include streaming and further public documentation. Especially for AV performances, it’s a no-brainer to take the feeds going to the PA and projector and capture them for later dissemination, and the additional cameras and touches of live video mixing really bring the event to you.

More Cinesthesy performances will be posted in the future, so keep an eye on Les Pixels Transversaux on Vimeo for further viewing.