Joshue Ott, creator of the gorgeous abstract performance tool superDraw (built in Java and Processing) has a seasonal toy for your playing enjoyment, built in Flash. SnowDraw is a fun little falling snowflake toy which can create messages like the one I spoiled above. It’s naturally far more fun in motion, so go give it a play:

You can create your own drawings and share them, too.

A Processing port should be possible; I know Josh is thinking about it.

Lots of good people get mentioned in the credits:

programming/design/concept by Joshue Ott
php/serverside code by Sean Smith
special thanks to Morgan Packard, Daniel Hai and always Sabina Hahn

Now, I’m in Chicago at the moment, so virtual snow isn’t strictly necessary, but I know we have plenty of readers in Australia where it’s not actually winter.

By the way, if you want to keep Onyx VJ creator Daniel Hai above and Joshue Ott from getting work done, you can come play them, me, and Jaymis in the CDM Steam group. Mmmm…. killing zombies. I’d love to hear people exchanging OpenGL tips while shooting away at the zombie horde. Then, I’ll know we’ve ascended to a new level of geekdom.