This isn’t your average oscilloscope. This is that buttoned-down lab equipment with the tie off, gone psychedelic. The Derraindrop is the latest strange hardware creation from the wizards at Critter and Guitari, the folks who brought us the brilliant DIY Video Critter custom video synth and other wonderful video creations. In an age when hardware has waned as video input, they’re keeping the dream alive.

The Derraindrop is simple but brilliant: plug in an audio input, get oscilloscope output, but repainted into sweet, groovy color. Knobs adjust mode (both lines and filled areas are available), color, and gain. And the box is ridiculously pretty.

I hope this is just the beginning of a wonderful age of DIY video hardware. Even if you’re not inspired to go buy one (I’ve personally hid my credit card in a 100-foot-deep hole), this may inspire your own creations – or at least a new paint job for your V4.

Derraindrop Scope on the C&G Store

Dearraindrop Video Scope from Critter and Guitari on Vimeo.