I’m busy working on putting the finishing touches on the CDM Winter 08 publication. You’ll be able to get this as a readable e-publication online or even print-on-demand via lulu. What’s special to me about is is that it’s evolving into a different kind of entity. It’s a print layout, but it’s really an extension of the site — what some are calling “blog books.” We have an extraordinary amount coming from the community; it’s a sort of handbook that grows out of your knowledge, interests, and images. And, of course, it’ll be in turn Creative Commons-licensed.

Here’s a glimpse at some of what’s in it:

  • Guides to some of your favorite tools, music, and reading
  • Thoughts on openness and process from the co-creator of the monome
  • Getting started with circuit bending
  • A special free download for use with Ableton Live and other tools, plus tips on using it
  • A how-to on surviving Berlin’s winters with music, from a special guest writer (to be revealed at launch)

It’s the first go at it, so I’m feeling out how to make it work, but I think you’ll like the results. Most of all, the results come in no small part from you.

Okay, enough. Now I’m back to finishing it. Stay tuned; launch is imminent.