As we continue to watch trailers reimagined as audiovisual remixes, Michael Forrest sends along a great Ableton Live remix of the trailer for Watchmen. What’s fun about Live in this case (and mirrors the way some folks work in Sony Vegas) is that it allows the remixer to think more fluidly about the line between audio and visuals. Watchmen aside, that opens up all kinds of audiovisual performance possibilities. I have very high hopes for Resolume Avenue 3, which takes this idea and applies it to a live performance / VJ context in ways Live and even Vegas can’t match. See previously:

Resolume “Avenue” 3 Announced: The Audiovisual App to Beat? (Mac, PC)

Early builds of that app had been a bit unstable, as would be expected of software in early dev stages, but I just got a new beta build that’s looking significantly improved. That means you can expect a report soon.

In other news: yeah, I want to see Watchmen.