When Ableton refers to controllers, they do use “controllers,” plural. So you can expect more Ableton-official controllers coming soon.

Ableton does have a video where you can see more in action. (Video via the terrific audioporncentral.) What I need you to tell me is what you can’t see in this video, so I can sit down with Jesse in New York and cover that leisurely.

Briefly, there, it looks like the APC is ready to do its impression of the scene in Close Encounters. Grab your ARP emulation and Max in Live, and we could, um, actually do that with this device.

More on Ableton’s site:

Note: no conventional MIDI jacks on the back, which is funny given that they show in some pretty cheap devices.

Ableton has posted new images of the side of this thing. Two footswitch inputs, power, and a security lock (handy for education customers, especially).