I do promise that CDM will have up-to-the-second coverage of the stuff you care about (that is, when we’re not getting scooped by early print runs of Electronic Musician or the Akai website), but for those of you who are reloading our page every few moments, here’s an alternative:

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I’ll post tidbits the moment I know them, and you’ll be the first to know when new stuff goes live here, I promise (including revisions/updates to stories).

At 3:30 pm (CUT/GMT -5 Eastern Time), we’ll carry Ableton and Cycling ’74 news.
At 4:00 pm, we’ll have Native Instruments news.
Friday, we’ll have an exclusive from MOTU (not what you’ve heard about.)

But I do also expect some of the most interesting coverage to come the week after NAMM, as some of the questions (particularly regarding the Cycling announcement) are more technical and go beyond what’s been publicly released. We also have hands-on time planned both with the new Native Instruments and Akai hardware.

Now I feel like an ad on a cable network. Ahem. (Imagine James Earl Jones’ voice.) “For the latest news, stay tuned. This … is CDM.” What, you kids are too young to remember CNN in the 90s?