Keep Your Resolutions Dance Party NYE 2009 from Robotkid on Vimeo.

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve, visualists? And how much do you love live visuals and dancing?

Our friend Robotkid (aka Josh Randall) just showed me this video of the frigid dance party in Boston, complete with –10-degree (Fahrenheit) wind chills and only 10-degree weather. (That’s 12 C, –23 C wind chill.)

Despite the finger frostbite risk, that is a Lemur multi-touch controller you see briefly. This does reveal a certain challenge with capacitive touch as an input method: because it requires bare skin, you may freeze your fingers off. Correction/update: Matt Boch who was handling the Lemur notes that because it is resistive, not capacitive, it can be used with gloves. The real problem: the organic technology of you, freezing to death.

Apple even went as far as patenting winter-friendly iPhone gloves, as reported this week by AppleInsider. Gizmodo calls that embarassing, but for all we know, the blogger lives in California.

Who else out there did live visuals (in person or via a warm, cozy streamed event) New Year’s Eve?