Today is set to be an orgy of computer music-y, Abletronic, drum machine-loaded, Max-patching news, so let’s throw one out to the guitarists. IK Multimedia has two new announcements today that are actually quite cool. The StealthPedal is a Wah pedal that’s actually an audio interface, sort of like a James Bond pen that’s also a gun. And IK also landed the only official Fender-endorsed software amp emulation.

Here’s a quick look at the specs. By the way, I’ve consulted everyone I know (especially as I’m not a guitarist), and basically what we’ve come up with is that a whole bunch of the guitar emulations out there (Apple, IK, NI, and Waves) are pretty damned good. Apple recently upgraded their own guitar emulations, meaning even what you get in GarageBand ‘09 is a big leap forward (and I have it on good authority that they sound terrific). NI has a guitar announcement coming later today, too. I’d choose based on taste, basically; each has a unique personality.

AmpliTube Fender

  • 12 Fender guitar amps (Twin Reverb, ‘59 Bassman LTD, Super-Sonic, Metalhead)
  • 12 matching cabinets
  • 9 microphones
  • 6 stomp effects, 6 rack effects (tape echo, Fender reverb, fuzz/wah, triangle flanger, wah, the works)
  • Digital tuner, stomp pedal board, amp head, cabinet plus mic, rack effects. (Here’s one point of differentiation: NI, for instance, has more toys here; IK plays it a little more conventionally; that’s a matter of taste.)
  • SpeedTrainer, RiffWorks T4 recording included
  • “Certified” by Fender
  • US$229.99 for the full set, or get the LE (4 amps, 5 cabinets, 2 stomp, 2 mic, 2 rack FX) with the StealthPlug USB audio interface for US$139.99
  • Available late February

It’s a pretty stunning deal if you’re a Fender fan.

Stealth Pedal

  • Looks like a wah pedal – same form factor
  • Works as a controller (it’s basically an assignable expression pedal)
  • Comes with a double foot switch, and you can optionally add a second expression pedal via a foot input
  • Also a USB audio interface (24-bit, 44.1/48)
  • “Low-noise” input stage
  • Headphone out, volume control, LEDs for use as a tuner or level indicator
  • ASIO PC, Core Audio Mac drivers
  • Software bundle
  • US$269.99
  • Available late April

This looks just incredibly functional for someone wanting something compact. There have been controller/audio interface bundles before from IK, NI, and others, but this you can throw easily in your case.