Our friend and interactive hero Gustavo Bravetti must have been inspired by all the talk of hexagonal sequencers, because he’s come through with a brilliant prototype of a new interactive sequencer design. He writes:

I just wanna share mi first very unfinished and at ultra alpha stage, hexagonal sequencer prototype!

Between many things, I have planed to include many automatic scale definition tools, follow actions, you’ll can easily change the hexagon density, and multi-touch support via IR (wiimote or cams) is planned also.
This is just a sneak peak.

For an “alpha” version, as you can see, there’s already a lot of goodness going on. The visuals and interaction are powered by vvvv, the free-for-non-commercial use (and otherwise affordable) Windows-only patching language. Max is great, but vvvv is capable of some very powerful features of its own, including particularly nice hooks into Windows’ DirectX rendering engine.

vvvv Site + Wiki + Community

More on vvvv at Create Digital Motion, as it’s most often used on the visual side:

As with so many of these things, vvvv’s community is more valuable than even the tool itself; we’re seeing lots of work on doing clever things with the environment. And vvvv has gotten some powerful music features like VST plug-in support, meaning you could build your sequencer in vvvv and skip something like Live altogether.

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