Can we cover less, but get some deeper information? That’s my goal for CDM this year at NAMM, the music manufacturers’ US trade show. There’s plenty of new stuff that comes out annually at NAMM. From CDM’s New York City nerve center, I’ll be honing in on the stuff about which I think you’ll care most.

I can’t be in Anaheim for the show. That’s no loss to you, because trade shows floors aren’t necessarily conducive to the press. The main reason I go is to get to hang out with people I might not otherwise see. If you are there and think there’s something CDM should be covering, do drop me a line, especially if you make something that’s liable to be lost in the shuffle of industry news.

But I have been able to land some advance information, so starting Thursday and on through early next week as I can share information, I have plenty I want to talk about, and not just what’s in the press releases.

It’s already common knowledge that you can expect new things from Ableton, Cycling ‘74, Native Instruments, and Roland, just for starters. Cycling ‘74 has already let slip that they’ll be showing their collaboration with Ableton, and Ableton for their part has scheduled a press conference.

I do expect some nice news items for people making music with computers. Do stay tuned right here for the inside track.