Australian audiovisualist and Thinker Jean Poole has spent some time with Resolume Avenue and recorded his thoughts on the subject in a handy and informative article, with words and pictures:


It’s a well considered approach, and becomes intuitive fairly quickly. What especially jumps out is the audio parameters integrated in each of the above areas, alongside the video parameters. Adjust some blur on layer one. Add a little distortion to the squawking bird on layer two. Adjust the brightness. Pan the audio to the left a bit. This has been especially designed for people who wish to play with audio and video simultaneously. One cool facet of this is the way that any audio and video parameters can be linked to the same on-screen controller, enabling a mouse or midi device to control both audio and video at once, and enabling highly synchronised and customised audiovisual effects.

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I have a followup gig to the Game On set with Sampology coming next month, and will be taking that as an opportunity to give Res-Ave a spin in public.