Photographer Vincente Sahuc has posted an extended reel of slow motion footage from one of Casio’s fantastically cheap, slow motion capable cameras [site | on CDM].

New York 2008 from Vicente Sahuc on Vimeo.

The video was shot at 300FPS, using a Steadicam Merlin and… Rollerskates! Some lovely editing, a great soundtrack and a variety of locations and shot types kept me completely mesmerized.

Ed.: So, this raises the eternal question: what camera should a visualist buy? I’ve wound up grabbing some great footage with an ordinary point-and-shoot. The problem is, SLRs have many, many advantages for photography – and video choices are limited. (The HD-shooting Nikon D90 is an important exception, but it costs twice as much as this Casio.) The Casio is pricey for what amounts to a prosumer megazoom, at US$700 street, but that footage is quite nice. So now we have to see whether those cheaper upcoming Casio’s can do nearly as good — then your killer combo would be a cheap, smaller Casio and a low-end SLR for your stills. Well, plus a conventional HD camera, of course. Okay, economy, we need some help — we can’t do all the lifting ourselves. -PK