It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with slow motion video, and you people aren’t doing a very good job of hiding your interest either – “high speed camera price” was our #5 search term for the last month. The article that search result points to is from August 2006, and back then a camera shooting 500FPS@440×330 would set you back US$8800.

2008 was the year slow motion really hit the mainstream, and now Casio has once again lowered the barrier by releasing two new compact cameras which take slow motion video up to 1000FPS.


The EX-FS10 ($350) and EX-FC100 ($400) both shoot at 1000, 420 and 210 FPS. No word yet on the actual resolution, but it seems that there’s similar cropping and downscaling going on, so it’s likely that they’ll be similar to the EX-F1, whose 300FPS mode gave you 512x384px.

Update: Resolutions are mentioned on, thanks Mario:
210 fps: 480×360
420 fps: 224×168
1000 fps: 224×56

Has anyone had the chance to use any of these cameras? Are they as cool as my geekdreams would have me believe?

[via Popular Mechanics]