Facebook is becoming a nice little hang for visualists – I’ve actually sorted a gig or two on the service. Now, “give a gift” apps are a meme unto themselves, but you certainly haven’t seen one like this.

Zac Darko writes:

I recently made the worlds first (maybe) VJ app on Facebook, thought you’d think it was cool.


CDM once covered a vintage synths Facebook app.

Also, I created a Facebook group for Aus VJ’s to have a place to catch up, here:


I love the hardware lineup on Zac’s app, though, um, I think we also need to invent some new lust-worthy visualist gear to fill out the lineup. Much as I love some of these choices, we’re a bit behind the synth side (which I can say with confidence as an aficionado of both).

Of course, if anyone (ahem, Edirol) wants to send me a CG-8 or high-end mixer, really, I can save you some time. Skip the Facebook app and send me the real thing. I’m sure you’ll find it far more convenient to do it that way.

Zac has his own blog going, too, with some great little gems. Thanks, mate!