Imogen Heap on Twitter: Real-Time, Real-World Creative Process

Photo: Lee Jordan. Speaking as a sometimes-music-journalist, I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that we were all part of a vast conspiracy. Our job can become wrapping big-name artists into a polished, glamorous narrative. There are small nods to humanizing them, of course, but the message can quickly become: this person is special and different […]

Vixid, Rock Band, Simulcast, Oh My! Streaming Live Tomorrow from Game On

I have a confession to make, CDMo(n)sters. I’ve been keeping things from you. There has been so much exciting stuff happening with the Vixid and Herovision over the past months that I’ve been paralyzed. In spite of my “do it fast, release it now” philosophy, I haven’t been sharing things, because they’ve been perpetually not […]

Jaymis Loveday - February 5, 2009

VisualVox Polyphonic Tone Manipulation: The Indie, EUR25 Celemony?

Sonic scientist Peter Neubäcker of Melodyne has been wowing Internet audiences for some time with the automagical powers of the company’s Direct Note Access (DNA). The vision: manipulate individual pitches as easily as MIDI notes, even in polyphonic passages of a single instrument. At NAMM last month, the company showed the first product, Melodyne editor, […]

- February 5, 2009

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