Quick, Single Shot, High Quality: Take-Away Shows on La Blogotheque

I’m a little incredulous that I haven’t posted about La Blogotheque before. The French crew have been putting out their intimate live music podcasts or “Take Away Shows” since 2006. Their philosophy is obviously something I’m super keen on: Every week, we invite an artist or a band to play in the streets, in a […]

I Want My Moog TV: Vimeo Channel, Moog Meets Tenori-On

Studies for two TENORI-ON(s) by Smith from Franck Smith on Vimeo. A chap named Nick Ciontea has created a channel on Vimeo collecting odd videos folks have made with or regarding Moog products. I know about this, because two of my videos made it in. It’s a grab bag, but a lovely tribute to how […]

- February 9, 2009

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