It’s called “Handmade Music,” but I’m hopeful CDM’s ongoing DIY party in Brooklyn will start to add more visualists. Jay Smith of Livid has made an appearance, and most recently we were able to feature the wonderful, circuit-bent Nintendo console motion art of noteNdo (Jeff Donaldson), pictured above. We have a lovely projector ready to go and lots of interesting spaces on which to project. This month’s edition will also feature great music by Terry Dame and the Electric Junkyard Gamelan; it’d be great to have some live visuals with it.

Info on the current Handmade Music:
Handmade Music 2/19: Grooving Electric Junkyard Gamelan, Call for Works [Create Digital Music]
handmade music tag @ CDMu

And, incidentally, if you could have a dream visualist event, what would that look like? I’d love to hear feedback.

Easiest way to enter is to fill out what you can on the official form:
Call for Works [direct link, Google Docs]

Embedded form: