The new Intuos graphics tablet from Wacom ticks some very attractive boxes. The scroll wheel and OLED “multifunction” buttons look great, but I’m most impressed that the tablet is smart enough to flip the screens when being used by a left hander.

I own an Intuos 2, and while I don’t use it very regularly, when it comes out it generally achieves results that would be completely impossible or exponentially more difficult or time consuming without it. Looking at the promo video, it feels like some hefty brains have been banged together in the design process, and they’ve come up with something that’s not just another little increment.

The Small tablet has fewer buttons and doesn’t come with those lovely OLED displays, so let’s pretend it doesn’t exist. The smallest Intuos 4 you’d want to buy is inexplicably called the “Medium”, and costs US$369.

Input devices are an immensely important part of the creative process. They’re the mechanical interface between your ideas and what your audience sees, and you use them constantly, so those tiny details matter.

(via Lecollagiste)