This is quite a week for visualist software – the release of Resolume 3, the 1.1 update to GrandVJ, and now an announcement regard Livid’s lightweight VJ app, Cell DNA. At US$149, it’s a neat little no-nonsense app — there’s even a lighter Cell Standard. What strikes me about the interface is that it’s reminiscent of Vidvox’s now-defunct VJ app Grid. You get clip triggering, and not too much else. What’s nice here is the addition of multi-screen controls (available in other tools, but not necessarily in an entry-level app), and networked capability for running multiple machines. Feature list from Livid:

  • Assignable effects to knobs or sliders
  • 64 slots per clip bank
  • Up to 32 clip bank, and effect bank presets
  • Crossfader for mixing multiple videos
  • 3D effects
  • FreeFrame support
  • Captions
  • Easy MIDI learn
  • Control speed, direction, and loop modes
  • Use QuickTime movies, images, audio, and Flash files
  • Open GL accelerated
  • Networking for multiple computer control
  • Multi-screen controls

The other news is that Cell DNA is a free pack-in with the new Livid Ohm64 controller, which looks very delicious, indeed. And I imagine the Ohm64 could turn a few heads among users of Resolume, VDMX, GrandVJ, Modul8, and the like, too. With programmable MIDI talkback, there’s no reason the Ohm64 can’t fit into whatever app you use (or create).

More on Cell DNA and (especially) Ohm64 soon, once Livid and I can sit down with each other!

Mac + Windows support. (Okay, someone want to cover Linux? I’d pay money for a solid app on the Penguin. There could even be a free-open source / commercial breakdown, as with WINE and Crossover.)

Ohm64 Preview on Create Digital Music

CellDNA Product Page