vellum | slices of a virtual sculpture | seoul | 2009 from 2minds on Vimeo.

Our Modernist and Post-Modernist towers of capital are familiar sights. I live here in the shadow of the Chase Manhattan Building and across the street from an IM Pei block. But the magical thing about projection is the way in which it can transform a form – not only overlaying light or movie-style images, but actually recasting its structure.

Artist Robert Seidel sends us his installation work on the multiple LED screens of Seoul, South Korea’s COMO at SKT Tower. He describes it as an “unrolled landscape,” “slices of virtual sculpture” atop the building.

The results are quite beautiful, turning space into a canvas for new work. And, oddly, that’s to me part of the legacy of the Modern Skyscraper. In their odd neutrality and large open volumes, they’ve become spaces on which expressive art can be projected in a variety of media.

Robert Seidel: Vellum