Auto-Tune The News, And Channeling Steve Reich, Anyone?

The Internet, having satisfied itself yesterday with video that faked a Beyonce who couldn’t sing, now imagines news that can. And Steve Reich is proven ahead of his time — again. (Congrats on the Pullitzer – it took them just five decades to notice!) Yes, Antares’ Auto-Tune plug-in – now so ubiquitous in mainstream, non-audio-engineer […]

Glitch Mobber, Laptopist edIT Walks Through His Live Setup, Talks Ableton, Lemur

edIT, live in Chicago. Photo: Eric Rejman, via MySpace. [podcast][/podcast] Download MP3 Liz McLean Knight aka Quantazelle catches up with one of our laptopist idols: edIT, the talented solo artist and Glitch Mob member. I won’t insult what he does by giving it a dumb name (“Glitch Hop?”). Suffice to say, edIT is adept at […]

- April 23, 2009

Field: Digital Movement and Visual Expression, a Rich Open Source, Code + Visual Framework

What if one environment blended the code goodness of Processing with visual programming metaphors and patches, creating a single world for high definition video and OpenGL-powered 3D, with friendly-looking HyperCard-style inspectors, live coding, extensible graphical elements everywhere, an open-ended canvas, drawing with splines and images… In other words, what if you could make anything, more […]

Peter Kirn - April 23, 2009

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