Closing out our (unexpected) Week of Optical Flow feature, Michel from the vvvv forums has ported Andrew Benson’s optical flow implementation to that DirectX-based, Windows-only, free for non-commercial-use patching environment. (Jitter and Quartz Composer, mentioned earlier, each use OpenGL, not DirectX.)

Since it is DirectX, the shader uses HLSL instead of GLSL. In technical terms, folks, that means it’s one letter more different. I can illustrate: Gary the gregarious gorilla would become Harry the hreharious horilla. You see? (Kidding. HLSL is actually closer to NVIDIA’s Cg, but all these things are built on the same basic principles – and they’re all just shader languages.)

This is just a first go at this patch, so vvvv users wanting to improve upon it, go for it!

Distortion From Optical Flow incl. Optical Flow Shader