It’s easy – and partly appropriate – to appreciate the bleeps and blips of homemade and bent circuits as noise-making insanity. But as Peter Edwards (casperelectronics) and E-Squared walked us through their creations at the April installment of Handmade Music, it was clear that compositional exploration was at the heart of the work. Edwards talked about trying to be freer with sound and get away from techno, using handmade creations that helped him shake musical habits. E-Squared described studying the intricacies of classic Roland drum machine and synth circuits, then re-imagining them in fantastic new creations that allowed them to turn their table of gear into an interconnected sound-making machine.

Etsy’s Eric Beug and Make’s Collin Cunningham – makers themselves, both – captured the results in video. See also the MAKE: blog post:

Scenes from the Last Handmade Music

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