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Jim Myogenic talks to SPIN about doing live visuals with Jon Hopkins during Club Transmediale. Everything about these visuals looks great, even from a low-res online video and chat: prominent projection behind the stage, lots of thoughtful and original content, intelligent focus on materials instead of just a chaotic assemblage of things, and what sounds like the right balance of pre-set preparation and live triggering. Jim and Jon, if you’re ever passing through New York… hope you say hi.

Jim’s setup is Resolume, both The Original Series and The Next Generation. That is, the saucy new MacBook Pro with its more powerful GPU runs the new Resolume Avenue, and the old PC runs the tried-and-true Resolume 2.x. It’s funny, as a lot of Resolume users I know are hanging on to their old sets, which I think says a lot about that tool – you live with it even as the technology ages.

Found via Resolume on Twitter.