Via Collin Cunningham at MAKE, MrBook has a lovely rig with a modified Gakken SX-150, the synth kit that sells for US$50 in the States and has even been seen as a free add-in with Japanese magazines. He’s added MIDI control and a digital audio converter, and put it into a housing, which makes for a quite-playable instrument.

Really terrific work! Of course, a few thoughts:

  • We need an OSC-compatible synth. (Anyone out there?)
  • I love you, Live, but this looks like a perfect job for Numerology (for its modular sequencing) or Renoise (for tracking).
  • Looks like more controls would make this even more self-contained.

Gakken sx-150 arduino hack number two: Adding MIDI and Audio out

If you have synth projects like this, we’d love to see them.