Moderat caught my eye tonight, as I rather like their roadcase/sets design:

Moderat stage setup

Digging a little deeper though, and I realised that they’re a rather sexy collaboration between Modeselektor and Apparat, with a luscious studio DVD and live visuals produced by Pfanderei.

The live show looks lovely, with 3 rear-projected, portrait-oriented screens silhouetting the artists and their LED augmented road cases.

(more live videos)

The second half of their artists statements video focusses on Pfanderei’s DVD production and live visuals.

… objects built in material form, rather than on screen. Studies of physical forms rather than post-production effects.

It’s a wonderful process for building a live visual set. Collaborating closely with the ear-botherers, shooting specific material for each track, building a studio DVD, and then breaking it down for performance. Definitely the way to create beautiful performances.

The video + audio album can be previewed and purchased digitally from for €17.95 for 1024×512, or €11.89 for 480×240.