Getting DIY ads out of YouTube is all the rage these days, but when it comes to certain time-tested synth names, let’s just say the audience is a little different. You love the gear, you make music with the gear, you praise everything that’s brilliant and you’re unafraid of criticizing what’s not. We covered the Roland “How Do You JUNO” contest launch back in April with a look back at the JUNO line through the years. Check out comments for some frank, nostalgia-immune commentary from synth geeks about the high points and low points of the various models. And so, we wind up, oddly enough, with high-production-value ads for even vintage Rolands like this Alpha Juno 2. (Hmmmm… maybe Roland should have set up an eBay affiliate account).

If anyone doubted it, there’s no question: even in the age of computer soft synths, keyboards are beloved items. The video at top is — well, pretty crazy, as you can see for yourself. Check out the crew they put together to make it after the jump.

You still have time to submit your own video to the contest, JUNO owners, if you haven’t already. The entries end tonight, Tuesday, at midnight.

Roland How Do You JUNO Contest Page
YouTube video group with the competition

Voting starts tomorrow (Wednesday) on that same contest page.

If any CDM readers have submitted videos you want to point our way, we can help you rig the contest because we love you um, get the word out.

Disclosure: Roland has generously sponsored CDM for this contest. That allows us to keep the servers humming and to have the unique pleasure of shamelessly pimping discontinued Roland keyboards from the 1980s. (I still want to see what some of you are doing with the V-Synth, which is my favorite current Roland model, but that’ll have to be a separate contest.)

This is my entry to the “This is How I Juno” contest where I explain the many unique features of my Roland Alpha Juno-2.

Producer, Editor, Sound Designer/Editor, Co-Writer, Lead Actor: Henry Borchers
Director, VFX Supervisor, Co-Writer, Actor, Associate Fight Coordinator, Stunt Double: Erik Kjonaas

Extra Special thanks to Alex Champion and the rest of the crew.

Alex Champion: Boom Operator, Voice Actor, Grip

Alex Rott: Fight Coordinator, Stunt Double, Voice Actor, Grip, Sound FX Assistant:

Ben Mayer: Key Grip

Brett Schilke: Sound FX Assistant

Thanks for the helpful participation of Jonathan Fung

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