APPARATI EFFIMERI Tetragram for Enlargement from Apparati Effimeri on Vimeo.

Apparati Effimeri write to let us know about their latest visualist projection mapping project, “TETRAGRAM FOR ENLARGEMENT.” Watching abstract patterns wend their way across the geometries of the castle-like building is hypnotic, to be sure. But it’s as the visuals make the building seem to melt, collapse, and reconstruct itself into fluid shapes worthy of Dali that things
get really interesting.

Blog post + stills

I have to ask: is it really club culture that has “failed” the visualist, or just the limited architectures of the clubs we have now? Projection mapping has tended to be the domain of “art” visuals. But I wonder if music and visuals alike might benefit from sharing new spaces. Heck, I’d be happy to go dance outdoors to adventurous music programming while visuals crept around the buildings around me.

So, do spread this stuff around, because sometimes the live event metaphor in which a lot of us find ourselves is something very different — the silo.