Tokyo, home to the audiovisual scene and birthplace of Motion Dive, must be at least one candidate. Photo: Joi Ito.

It’s time for a little geographical smackdown. Opening my inbox today, I found this query from Andrew Zukoski:

If you were going to travel to 3 or 4 cities outside of north america to look at visualist practice, where would you go?

Good question. So, let’s hear it – enough of the “grass is greener mentality,” where are you that has a terrific scene? Now, CDMotion co-editor-at-large Jaymis Loveday and I have been all the way to Perth, Australia, supposedly the world’s most isolated major city, and visited a hopping scene of Fairlight lovers there. So, let’s not just talk obvious choices. Where out there on the planet has interesting scenes? Does the place you live have something going for expressive digital visuals?

Natural choices include, off the top of my head and in no particular order, places like Melbourne, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Paris, London, Barcelona… okay, actually, lots of places. But what places are most important? And what would we not think off the top of our heads?


Updated: Yes, you can include North America, too. (Montreal, New York, Mexico City, and the list goes on…)