True, it’s the 40th Anniversary of the moon landing. But it’s also the 40th Anniversary of David Bowie’s space trip Space Oddity. What better way to celebrate than with access to stems like the “little mouse fart” sound effect? (Seriously. Maybe it was a space mouse?)

EMI is re-releasing Space Oddity on a special EP with all the versions — mono and stereo, US and original, and the 1979 re-record. Buy that for US$5.99 on iTunes, and you get the stems, too, including the lovely Mellotron line, the vocals, guitar, instrumentals — heck, there’s even a nice Stylophone stem. For people who don’t have their own remix software, EMI is offering the free PC/Mac iKlax Creator Standard, though I expect you’ll be happier with your tool of choice.

For an additional US$1.99, though, you can get an interactive remix app for the iPhone with still more stems. Interestingly, you can also use this as an on-the-go interactive player for Space Oddity, so you can trip out and get stoned with your iPhon um, yes, erm, relax on your sofa with a special mix of Space Oddity. Shake it, and the accelerometer sensor tells the app to make a random mix for you.

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iPhone apps are groovy, but — sorry to say it, folks, the 1969 video is way, way, way groovier. Huge missed opportunity, EMI: you could have created an iPhone camera app that would have simulated the reflective tube effect in the classic Bowie video. Any takers?

The EP itself, though, is better news. There was a 1999 “digital remaster,” but this release comes closer to the original goodness.

Space Oddity has a special place in the hearts of CDM since “oddities” is the catch-all category for everything out of the ordinary in a special way.

So, yes, it’s yet another remix-iPhone app-record promotion, but, come on … it’s Bowie. It’s Space Oddity. It’s the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. (You want trippy? Humans walking on the moon can blow even a 2009 mind.) And it’s also an excuse to embed this video: