Making software more controllable opens it to all kinds of new possibilities. We saw some of this work, including Gian Pablo Villamil’s “chaos mode” implementation for audiovisual VJ app Resolume Avenue, last week:

Visual Control: TouchOSC + Modul8, Max + OSC + Resolume Chaos Mode

Now Gian Pablo is on a roll, with a new step sequencer for Resolume, also built in Max 5. (Running here on Windows, but a Mac build is also possible.) This combination happens to be Max and Resolume because Resolume’s OSC implementation is convenient for the task, and Max 5’s UI building tools are nice, and Max is familiar. But part of the point here is that you can use whatever you like, theoretically. (Processing and VDMX? Python front-end for OpenFrameworks? Done.)

Gian Pablo brought this creation by Handmade Music last night, and it was quite a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for more of this.

Video fun with Open Sound Control [The Villamil Organization blog post]

Step Sequencer for Resolume Avenue – Max patch [Resolume forums]

Speaking of visualists and Handmade Music, we also got some nice presentations of the Looop-r A/V tool and Jay Smith from Livid with the lovely Ohm64. The latter should someday have OSC support, too, which would allow some pretty powerful stuff on the hardware control side – maybe even more tantalizing for visualists than musicians and DJs. More on that soon.