“A Kiss From Tokyo” Theatrical trailer from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

In the box, out of the box — in motion or still — part of what is exciting about the digital age as it matures is the ongoing blurring of lines between media. Digital art can rely on traditional media for input or output, history can collapse …and books can have their own trailers.

The wonderful ISO50, by Renaissance designer-musician Man Tycho aka Scott Hansen, points to a deliciously retro trailer for an imagined movie promoting a book. The visuals are all After Effects, though I’d love to see more of this sort of work in the open source, real-time and performance-savvy Animata. (Nothing against After Effects, mind, but that could mean your rendered motion output could also be adapted easily to a live visual set at the book launch party!)

Kevin Dart / A Kiss From Tokyo

The work of brilliant illustrator Kevin Dart, animator Stepahne Coedel, and Bond/John Barry-channeling composer Cyrille Marchesseau, the trailer oozes 60s glam style.

For more on the making of the trailer with a detailed interview (again, via Scott’s blog post):

The Art of the Title Sequence

And from Stepahne’s description on Vimeo…

“A Kiss From Tokyo”, Theatrical Trailer (1964) – Yuki 7 dashes around the world in hot pursuit of the tantalizingly tricky Diamond Eye, who is stealing parts and plans and leaving behind a path of murdered scientists in her quest to build a missile inside her volcanic lair.

I co-directed it with and for Kevin Dart.
This animation is a part of a promotional event about the release of Kevin’s new book, “Seductive Espionage, the world of Yuki 7” which will happen this summer.
Kevin produced the graphics and I gave them life in After Effects.

I tried to catch what was typical about the vintage look of the movies from this period. Lighting, grain, old school Special Effects (car chase in a studio with background projected film, miniature sets), editing, old fashion transitions, Music, etc…
Cyrille Marchesseau created a great piece of music inspired by Laurie Johnson (The Avengers) and John Barry (James bond).

Order the book, “Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7” from fleetstreetscandal.com

Become a fan of Yuki 7 at facebook.com/pages/Yuki-7/89892777520

And know more about how the legend came to life at artofthetitle.com/2009/07/13/a-kiss-from-tokyo/


Kevin Dart

Cyrille Marchesseau