Resolume 3.1 is here. The big news: a VJ app, an audiovisual app that supports Flash playback natively. Channels work. ActionScript 3 code (finally!) works. For Flash fans, of course, this is utterly huge – and if it means a few Flash-programmers-by-day become VJs by night, I’m all for it. (Now, if we could just get Processing working as elegantly in a VJ tool…)

The biggest feature for non-Flash users is likely to be a beat-synced video looper.

For more creative projection, layer size adjustments and improved keynoting means mapping your visuals to the real world is easier than before.

For audiovisualists, there’s clip panel updating for easier integration with other software and

And because many of our readers speak languages other than English, there’s foreign language support. (If only we could do that with the site, magically! I want my Star Trek universal translator!)

Of course, more than new features, better stability is likely to be the single most important improvement. I’d be curious to hear your frank thoughts on how this relatively new platform is working in your sets – good and bad.

The only potential downside – PowerPC is no longer supported – though that seems a good move to me, especially if it means more focus on testing Intel platforms.

Full text from the Resolume team:

Stability Improvements & Bug Fixes
We have spent a lot of time stress-testing Avenue and have fixed a lot of crashes and bugs. Avenue runs a lot more stable again. Stability remains our main focus.

Flash Playback
What can we say? Sorry it took a while … but … IT ROCKS!!! Flash animations have this crispy colourfulness that you just don’t get with video. Flash playback in Resolume has full alpha channel support so transparency looks great. Communication between Flash and Resolume is ActionScript 3 compatible and more powerful than ever so you get perfect live control over your animations with sliders, buttons and text input in the Resolume interface. Programming in AS3 is an absolute joy compared to AS2. We love it, and we hope you do to. Checkout the Manual for a new Flash chapter with all the details. And checkout the samples in the media folder. Start making your own generative visuals!

Layer Width and Height
This was a much requested feature that makes scaling all the clips to a fixed size a lot easier. This is great if you have content in different sizes, it will scale them all to one size. And it makes setting up a multi-screen projection with the Matrox Dualhead or Tripplehead a lot less work too.

Video Beatloopr
Why should the AV guys have all the fun? The BeatLoopr also works on video clips without audio now. Set your video clip to BPM Sync and st- st- st- start play- play- playing.

Improved AV Slider
Moving the layer Audio and Video sliders at the same time is much improved. Between the Audio and Video slider you now see a proper AV slider that you can grab and adjust the audio volume and video opacity relative from each other in one fell swoop. Small details make all the difference.

Improved Keystone plugin
Keystone = video mapping! The keystone plugin allows for extreme deformation of video so you can map it onto objects. Combined with masks you can map video on any surface. Enjoy!

New Effect: Shift RGB
If you miss the RGB Delay from Resolume 2 then is an adequate substitute. It has different modes for displacing the RGB channels in the video.

Load an effect with 0% Opacity
Hold down the Alt key when you drop an effect and it will be loaded with 0% opacity. This way you can load an effect on the composition without becoming instantly visible so you can do a subtle fade-in. Smoooooth.

Master Output Audio Delay
When outputting the video to a projector via a mixer the video will always be delayed a few milliseconds before it’s displayed. This becomes a problem when you also output audio from Avenue because the delay on the audio as it travels through the mixer to the PA is usually less than video. To compensate this you can now set a delay on the audio output in the preferences. This way your audio and video will match up perfectly. Pro stuff!

Audio FFT Input Gain
When the incoming audio is very weak you can now amplify the entire audio FFT analysis signal in the preferences.

Clip Panel Updates
A lot of people are sequencing Avenue via MIDI with Ableton Live or via OSC with Max Patches. For this situation it’s not handy for the clip properties panel to always show the latest triggered clip. We have made a switch for this in the Preferences where you can switch off the Clip panel updating when receiving MIDI or OSC.

Mac Intel Only
Resolume is no longer a universal binary but is Intel only on the Mac.

Español, Català & Français
Besides English, German and Dutch the Resolume interface also speaks fluent Spanish, Catalan and French now.