We Love You So – the blog attached to Spike Jonze’s “Where The Wild Things Are” feature, continues to post lovely things.

Recently they followed up with Magico Nakamura, one of the four “co-directors” of Sour‘s beautiful “Hibi no Neiro” video (previously on CDMo), interviewing him on the techniques they used to choreograph over 80 people/pixels.

Could the participants see any of the other webcams, or were they blindly relying on your directions?
We filmed everyone separately so there weren’t multiple webcams on the screen however, we made quite detailed animatics of the entire music video and would send it to the people before filming, so generally people had a fair idea of what they were contributing to.

This provided a helpful guide that helped the fans wrap their heads around the choreography. For the more complicated action i.e. the dance sequence, we created individual movie files that people used to practice with before filming began. They also used these as an on screen guide while we directed them.

Alongside some great tips and lovely storyboard shots (anyone else crush on grid paper as much as I do?), We Love You So were also able to post the original animatic, used to plan and choreograph the shots.

Sour Animatic from We Love You So on Vimeo.

Perfect concept, beautifully executed, and the creators are happy to share some of their “secrets”. Someone please pile awards and/or cash atop their clever heads, then check out the rest of the interview at We Love You So.

(via Memo on Twitter)