1.0.7 is a must-download on any platform because of key fixes to auto-format, highlighting, exception reporting, and PVector. (See revisions.) But if you’re an early adopter of Snow Leopard, this offers fixes for that, as well:

Tweaks for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, to force it to run in 32-bit mode. This should bring back the video library (if temporarily), and hopefully fix serial as well, though I didn’t have a serial device handy to test.

Add this to 1.0.6 from last month, which fixed launching on Linux and a bunch of image and JOGL stuff.

As always, grab it at:

I’m hopeful, by the way, that we’ll soon be able to abandon the default Processing video library on Mac, which is based on the deprecated QTJava. GSVideo works well for playback, and no longer requires that you build everything from scratch. The big missing component is video capture, which is something I’d like to abandon. Any gstreamer experts out there?

In the meantime, in the interests of full disclosure: my main Processing development machine runs Windows and Linux.

Stay tuned, as I plan to release something Processing-related in the next few days.