It’s striking how audiovisualism has broken into maximalist and minimalist streams, toward DJ-style cut-ups and mash-ups of video at one end of the spectrum and geometric generative animation at the other. Firmly planted in the maximalist, Emergency Broadcast Network-descended sliced-and-scratched popular culture, we have Eclectic Method. The duo does audiovisual pop-fragmentation better than anyone right now. They’ve appeared in a number of interviews, but Babelgum focuses right in on what they’re about, why those shards of mainstream politics and culture matter, and how a future generation will be able to receive multiple streams of information at once, jacked in Serial Experiments Lain-style.

Oh, yeah, and you get a brief glimpse of what happens when you mash with Fraggle Rock.

They’re indeed an audiovisual supergroup, and when your eyeballs and eardrums are ready to rock out, they deliver.

Thanks, Shawn Faherty, for the tip!