Speaking of live production and projection, French audiovisual festival Visionsonic 2009 starts today, kicking off with a live music/foley performance of The Odyssey of Rick the Cube.

L’Odyssée de Rick le cube (extraits du spectacle) from Jesse Lucas on Vimeo.

This year’s festival has an awesome international lineup, streaming for 20 hours in the next 3 days, including cutup artist Tasman Richardson (Canada), RVB en Alpha (France), Origamibiro and The Joy of Box (UK), The Incredible Hexidecibels (NZ), UpDate (France, hopefully with their cool projection mapped laptops), and many more.

You can stream the show to your favorite media player with this address. The stream goes live in about 12 hours, plenty of time to plug in your projector and fire up VLC.